The South African Etiquette Academy first originated in 2013 as a small business in Linden, Johannesburg. The Academy grew from strength to strength and we rebranded as The South African Etiquette Academy that To date we have over 500 graduates. At The South African Etiquette Academy we teach students between the ages of seven and eighteen about the fine art of etiquette and good manners. The skills and experience that our students gain in our courses allows them to become confident and upstanding individuals in their societies. Our courses have a strong focus on charity involvement and we encourage and engage in giving back.


The Academy offers a variety of valuable, life improving courses, including: The Etiquette and Finishing Course (for elegant young ladies), The Gentleman’s Course (for aspiring young gentleman), The Etiquette and Good Manners Course (our unisex course, bringing ladies and gentlemen together) and the Business Etiquette Course (for current and future professionals). We strive to provide our students with excellent life skills so that they have the greatest opportunities to become their best selves possible.