South African Etiquette Icon

Mrs Emsie Schoeman Borman- Received the Life Time Etiquette Inspiration Award from The South African Etiquette Academy. She is known in every household in this country as the queen of etiquette, with books published,  a former radio show, and the go to expert in every field of etiquette.

She is our inspiration.,Mrs Emsie Schoeman (now Bornman) who awoke Riandi Conradie’s interest in Etiquette and Protocol. She is once, twice, three times a lady, and we honour her as our Etiquette icon.


Principal of The British School of Etiquette. This International Etiquette Icon is originally from South Africa.

Philip’s passion for etiquette, manners, quality and service has led him from the wine hills of South Africa’s Cape to the world’s most dynamic cities in a career spanning 25 years.

From owning one of South Africa’s top ten restaurants and setting up The Heritage Academy with HRH Prince Charles as the patron, to providing training to individuals, private households, businesses, cultural organisations and schools, Philip’s career is a tale of success at every turn. Philip’s fastidious eye for detail and outstanding interpersonal and motivational skills have made him a leader in the field of trainers, with his passion for perfection inspiring everyone he trains.

Philip is a true inspiration and we are honouring him for his success internationally as an Etiquette Icon.