About the Academy

It was Clarence Thomas, American judge and currently the most senior associate justice of the Court, who said:

‘Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot’

This is also the philosophy behind The South African Etiquette Academy that believes the display of impeccable manners and etiquette lays the foundation for success in every sphere of life.

The Academy aims to provide young students with the opportunity to develop as well-rounded individuals; fully prepared to be the leaders of tomorrow.

The South African Etiquette Academy originated in 2013 as a small initiative in Linden, Johannesburg and has since grown from strength to strength. Presently the Academy boasts more than 500 graduates.

At the Academy, students between the ages of seven and 18 years are trained about the fine art of etiquette and good manners. The skills and experience that students gain from the courses allow them to develop into the confident and respectable individuals that society needs.

See what one of our former students say:

What they say