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Training opportunities are now available to successful candidates.

By getting trained by The South African Etiquette Academy, etiquette academy trained trainers, can be their own boss, determine their own working hours and salaries and, most importantly, have a positive influence on the lives of children that will have a perpetual impact.

The ideal training candidate is someone who has proven experience in working with children (other than his or her own), who truly adores children and get along well with them.

The successful candidate will, furthermore, exhibit qualities such as compassion, friendliness, optimism, passion and sympathy. He or she will be disciplined, hard-working, organised, punctual and polished. Strong communication skills and the ability to be fair and maintain discipline is a further prerequisite. Knowledge of and natural execution of etiquette, style and grace are supplementary conditions.

Joining The South African Etiquette Academy offers numerous advantages of which the most notable is that the brand has already been established and has, with its flawless track record, already built credibility in the industry.


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