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The South African Etiquette Academy’s Client Services Etiquette Course is an indispensable tool for any business operating in the client services industry. While many of the aspects of business have moved to the online sphere, real-life interaction prevails as an enduring part of this industry.

Client-facing employees typically create the first impression that customers and clients have of a business, and a lack of the etiquette and skills that are necessary to effectively interact with clientele can have a detrimental effect on the way your business performs.

The Client Services Etiquette Course presented by The South African Etiquette Academy lays the foundations of fruitful interaction with customers and clients by reiterating the basics. Personal presentation, greetings, email etiquette and dress code etiquette are still core components when liaising with potential and current clients and customers, yet these primary principles of employee-customer interaction are often replaced by a lackadaisical approach to communication in the modern age.

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