The Academy offers a variety of valuable, life improving courses, including:

The Etiquette and Finishing Course (for elegant young ladies), The Gentleman’s Course (for aspiring young gentleman), The Etiquette and Good Manners Course (our unisex course, bringing ladies and gentlemen together) the Business Etiquette Course (for current and future professionals) and the Client Facing Etiquette Course ( for companies that would like to empower their staff members).

We strive to provide our students with excellent life skills so that they have the greatest opportunities to become their best selves possible. Should you wish to enrol for one of the above courses or have something different in mind, please make contact with us. We can’t wait to hear from you.

for elegant young ladies

for aspiring young gentleman

our unisex course, bringing ladies
and gentlemen together

for future professionals

for current and future professionals

for Businesses that want to
empower their staff

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